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Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel Slams Cruel Tweeters on the Red Carpet (Video)

Late-night host takes aim at Mr. and Mrs. America

Fancy yourself a Twitter snark-master where the Oscars are concerned? Watch out — Jimmy Kimmel just might come gunning for you.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host provided one of the highlights of ABC’s red-carpet coverage at the Oscars on Sunday night, tearing a page from his own late-night show’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segments to take a poke at cruel Oscars viewers with a Twitter handle.

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The golden moment came when Kimmel, sporting an untucked shirt, came out of seemingly nowhere to approach ABC’s Lara Spencer, who’s providing red carpet coverage for the network.

Kimmel then read a supposed mean-spirited Twitter missive hurled in Spencer’s direction.

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“Is Lara Spencer auditioning for ‘Toddlers & Tiaras,’ or did a Bratz doll come to life?” Kimmel recited.

The late-night host then employed a bit of special effects to climb — or rather, fall — through a television screen, into a slobby-looking couple’s living room.

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“Which one of you tweeted, ‘Give Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar for least supportive bra, #fireyourstylist?'” Kimmel inquired.

After the woman of the house ‘fessed up, Kimmel demanded to see her manicure — revealing fingers heavily coated with cheese dust.

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“Hello, is this ‘The Real Housewives of 7-11?'” Kimmel cracked.

Oh to the snap. Watch it all unfold below.