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‘Outer Banks’ Creators on What That Big Cliffhanger Could Mean for a 2nd Season

And Josh Pate weighs in on the questionable geography of the show, calling it ”an amalgam of both Carolina coasts“

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for “Outer Banks” through the Season 1 finale.)

“Outer Banks” has taken Netflix by storm and left fans waiting for answers about what’s in store for John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) in Season 2 — if and when the team drama gets renewed — in the wake of that huge finale cliffhanger.

As fans know, the final episode of the first season saw the young lovers battling their way through very rocky waters as they attempted to escape the Outer Banks, the law and Sarah’s father, Wade (Charles Esten), after John B was accused of a murder he didn’t commit and Wade stole all the gold John B’s late father had spent his life searching for. They made it through OK — unbeknownst to their friends and family back home — and were rescued at sea by a boat crew that just so happened to be heading to The Bahamas, a.k.a. the place Wade sent all of the treasure.

So, will the second season be “Outer Banks: The Bahamas” now that we know John B and Sarah have washed up in the best place they could possibly be to find the treasure?

“Well, we don’t want to give anything away,” Josh Pate, who co-created the series with brother Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke, told TheWrap. “I think the thing that we want to continue the most is just the sense of fun and mystery and friendship and adventure. And it’s definitely looking like The Bahamas at the beginning of Season 2, that that’s where we’re gonna go.”

“Yeah, I would say it’s probably not a false promise,” Burke added. “It’s not a misdirect or something. But we’ll just see where it goes. But, you know, it’s ‘Outer Banks’ so some of the characters will definitely still be in the Outer Banks, too. We don’t really know, we’ll have to figure it out. But whatever we can think of that’s the most fun and the most exciting and still keeping the free-spirited feeling of the show that we all strained to keep or just want to keep really.”

As for what will happen to John B’s crew of “Pogues” who have been left behind in the Outer Banks, Burke and Pate don’t plan to leave them behind in the story.

“We’re gonna follow all those stories for Kaira (Madison Bailey), JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and keep developing them for sure,” Pate said. “And the mystery element is something we want to expand on and we have several ideas about how that could happen. But all the storylines with the other characters are things we’re going to develop.”

Now, some of you who have watched the series and are familiar with the Outer Banks of North Carolina have taken note of the fact that the geography of the show — which was actually filmed in South Carolina — doesn’t exactly line up here. Trust us, the creators are very much aware of this fact.

“The world of ‘Outer Banks’ is an amalgam of both Carolina coasts,” Pate said. “I know other people in the Outer Banks, which is a place I grew up going to and I love, and it isn’t exactly the Outer Banks that you see in the show. There’s things like, you know, Chapel Hill is not on the water, when they take the tug boat over there. It’s a fantasy geography based on a myriad of experiences all based on the Carolina coast. I just want to make it clear we’re making no attempt at geographical reality.”

“Both Josh and I have pictures of our imaginary island on our wall,” Burke added. “So we really built up this whole world. We have this map and we know what it looks like now, almost like the map you see for ‘Game of Thrones.’ And it’s an imaginary Outer Banks.”

You can watch TheWrap’s interview with Chase Stokes here, in which he breaks down John B and Sarah’s relationship and how they shot that crazy storm scene.

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