OWN’s ‘Lindsay’ Finale Teases Lohan Falling Off the Wagon, Leaked List of A-List Lovers (Video)

Will the actress answer some lingering questions on Sunday’s two-hour finale?

“Lindsay,” OWN’s docu-series following actress Lindsay Lohan, will end in what looks like a dramatic two-hour finale on Sunday.

OWN released a one-minute preview of the finale and it continues to tease whether Lohan has fallen off the wagon and this list of A-List lovers.

Throughout the season, Lohan has struggled with staying sober post-rehab and continually rubbed everyone she’s worked with the wrong way. That includes her personal assistant, who threatened to quit; her life coach, who did quit; and even Oprah Winfrey arrived on-set in New York City to ask Lohan if she wanted to quit the show.

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She decided to soldier on (which is a very positive way of describing it). The entire season there’s been this lingering question of whether Lohan has stayed sober. Her sober coach couldn’t say either way. Her life coach tried to address it on-camera and was swiftly cut out of the actress’s life.

“It’s a really f–ked up disease and it’s really scary,” Lohan says in this preview.

What will the final two hours bring to light? And just how much was OWN able to shoot of this latest controversy over a list of celebrity lovers? And what happened when Lindsay took off two weeks from the production?

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Watch the preview above.

The two-hour “Lindsay” finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on OWN.