Park Service: Stewart, Colbert Don’t Have Permits for D.C. Rallies

Requests have not been accepted — yet

If you’re planning on attending Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s dueling rallies in Washington next month, you might want to hold off on making those reservations — at least for the moment.

A spokesman for the National Park Service told that the Comedy Central duo have yet to secure a permit for the rallies, scheduled for October 30 on the National Mall.

"News organizations need to get it in their head," Bill Line said Friday. "Two individuals and a public relations firm on their behalf have submitted an application for a permit.”

But funnymen and their flacks do not a permit make, Line told the website.

"Every permit application is unique," he added, refusing to speculate about when the application might be approved. "The Park Service is in talks and negotiations [with the organizers]."

And while I would highly doubt the Park Service denying them a permit — Jeff Jarvis has already booked his trip! Rafat Ali too! — it is a bit odd that they’d announce the "Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive" love-ins without one.

A representative for Comedy Central did not immediately return a request for comment.

Stay tuned.