Paul McCartney Grammys Party Rejection Story Is ‘Absurd,’ Club Spokesman Says

As it turns out, former Beatle was at the wrong door — and the wrong venue

paul mccartney
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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: So, Paul McCartney tried to walk into a bar …

It’s been one of the biggest stories of the week: Music legend Paul McCartney attempted to enter a Grammys after-party in Hollywood on Monday, only to be turned away at the door.

But according to the spokesman for the venue where the alleged rejection took place, that wasn’t the case.

“Why would we turn away Paul McCartney?” Adam Ambrose, publicist for the Argyle, told TheWrap on Wednesday. “It’s absurd.”

As the story goes, McCartney was denied access to a Grammys party featuring a performance by rapper Tyga. But as it turns out, it was a case of being in the wrong place. Twice.

According to Ambrose, the door that the former Beatle and singer Beck (and, as it turns out, Woody Harrelson) approached at the Argyle was an exit, not an entrance. The door was opened to allow a patron to leave and the employee didn’t see McCartney and company waiting outside before it closed again.

When the door opened a second time, an employee did see Macca and the others. At which point they asked if the Argyle was the location of musician/producer Mark Ronson’s party, their actual destination.

As it turns out, it actually wasn’t, at which point McCartney and crew made their way to the car. But not before the “Band on the Run” singer was asked if he wanted to come inside.

“We completely invited him in,” Ambrose said.

Since the initial story broke, the Argyle has been besieged with angry messages from McCartney fans. The club’s Facebook page is littered with comments along the line of, “Lame Lame Lame … denying Sir Paul MacCartney entry. Hopefully, you’all fired the bouncer, the bouncer’s manager and then for good measure fire yourselves (ownership group).”

And, “Who in his right mind denies Sir Paul McCartney entry? Saw the news just now … You’re all fired if I was running the show … Lol.”

So, mystery solved. But club owners around the world take note: If Paul McCartney’s knocking at the door, do yourself a favor — open the door and let him in.