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Peyton Manning Makes Fun of Eli’s Sad Super Bowl Face on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

”At some other big moments of my life, he kind of had that similar expression,“ the Broncos quarterback tells Jimmy Fallon

One of the most famous moments from last weekend’s Super Bowl was Eli Manning’s facial expression when his brother, Peyton, won the game, but the elder Manning says he’s seen that expression before.

“I think Eli was analyzing the game and kind of into the game like I would be if he was playing, and so, he was just as happy,” Peyton Manning told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.” “But it’s funny, when I saw that clip — I’ve seen that face before. I recognized it. At some other big moments of my life, he kind of had that similar expression.”

Fallon placed a cardboard cutout of Eli Manning next to his brother and asked Peyton Manning to replicate the moments he remembers.

“I can remember, 18 years ago, calling him the night before the Draft, saying, ‘Eli, guess what, the Colts are going to draft me, number one in the NFL Draft, tomorrow.'”

Peyton kept hurling phrases at him, like “You’re going to be an uncle!” but Eli’s face remained the same.

Eli Manning told TMZ on Monday that he was just busy analyzing the game, but that he found all the memes that have gone viral on the Internet funny: “It’s all good stuff.”

Watch the video.