Philip Seymour Hoffman to Star in ‘A Most Wanted Man’

Philip Seymour Hoffman will take the lead in Anton Corbijin's adaption of the John Le Carre novel

Philip Seymour Hoffman will star in a film adaption of John Le Carre's "A Most Wanted Man."

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The Oscar winner and Tony nominee will play the leader of a covert Germany spy group looking into the case of Issa, a tortured part-Chechen, part-Russian with a claim to his family's fortune. While a series of people, including a banker and a female lawyer, try to help Issa, assorted intelligence agencies begin to dig into his true identity.

Hoffman is currently performing  on Broadway in "Death of a Salesman." He has received a 2012 Tony nomination for his portrayal of Willy Loman.

Film4 is co-financing and co-developing "A Most Wanted Man,"  which Anton Corbijn is directing. Corbijn is a prolific Dutch music video director who last directed "The American," starring George Clooney.

Hoffman's next two projects, Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" and Yaron Zilberman's "A Late Quartet," have both wrapped, and "Death of a Salesman" is slated to run through June 2.

"A Most Wanted Man" is slated to start production this fall.

Hollywood has often turned to Le Carre's oeuvre for inspiration, most recently with "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," which earned three Oscar nominations.