Piers Morgan Says He’s One Step Closer to CNN

New contract with “America’s Got Talent” should clear the way for Morgan to sign with CNN

"America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan, who's near a deal to replace Larry King this fall, on Wednesday stopped by the "Tonight Show" where Jay Leno asked him the status of his talks with CNN.

Morgan's answer indicates that he has resolved the final issue that was holding up the deal — his "Talent" contract with NBC.

TVNewser got the details of the conversation.

"I can't actually talk about that at the moment," Morgan told Leno, initially — but Leno persisted in asking.

"If I was to go to Vegas, and I was to put a reasonable amount of money down … " Jay started.

Morgan responded by saying, "All I can say is that I have signed a new three-year deal with 'America's Got Talent' … Sorry to be cryptic about it."

Morgan's answer wasn't necessarily that cryptic. TheWrap broke the news July 13 that Morgan's existing "America's Got Talent" contract was the final roadblock standing in the way of a deal with CNN. Now that Morgan and NBC have a new "Talent" deal, his arrival at CNN is probably imminent. 

Leno also asked Morgan who he'd like to interview "hypothetically" if he had his own show "with a C and a bunch of N's in it." According to Morgan, his hypothetical "dream guest" would be former South African president Nelson Mandela.