Piers Morgan Says Trump’s Travel Ban Is ‘Making America Hate’

TV personality has been a prominent Trump supporter but now evaluates the President’s recent executive order in an op-ed for the Daily Mail

Piers Morgan, previously a prominent Donald Trump supporter, has penned an op-ed for the Daily Mail in which he slammed Trump’s recent travel ban as “cruel” and “grotesquely unfair.”

The TV personality began his letter by stating that Trump isn’t “throwing all Muslims out of America, nor is he banning all Muslims from coming in as he once, shockingly, threatened to do.” According to Morgan, Trump is trying to strengthen immigration rules to “prevent people with nefarious intent from entering the US,” something that Barack Obama tried to do while in office.

However, Morgan said that the way Trump is trying to justify his reasoning for banning immigrants and refugees from seven countries “makes no sense,” given that nobody from the countries, including Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, has committed a terror attack on US mainland. Instead, he wrote, the perpetrators on 9/11 and the San Bernardino attacks came from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt and Pakistan — countries NOT on the banned list.

“There is no good reason why people with perfectly valid permanent resident green cards have been rounded up at airports, handcuffed, and threatened with deportation,” wrote Morgan. “We have a moral duty to help those innocent people whose lives have been ruined by our unjustified warfare. To now subject them to even more oppression, heartache and despair seems cruel.”

He added, “It cannot be right that they are now being victimized for something they haven’t done.”

Morgan continued to speak about the myth that “Muslin terrorists are the biggest violent threat to American lives” although since Trump’s inauguration nine days ago, more than “750 people have been killed by guns in America.” According to a statistic in his letter, more Americans were shot by toddlers than by terrorists in 2016.

“How can you ban people from countries that have so far committed zero terror attacks on US mainland to ‘keep America safe’, but do nothing about the domestic deadly gun-related terror being waged on the streets every day by Americans of all color and creed?” Morgan wrote.

Morgan also wrote that Trump’s new executive order, which will “simply service to empower ISIS,” is “grotesquely unfair because it punishes many decent, law-abiding people who have every right to be in the country.”

As examples, Morgan listed Olympic Gold medal champion runner Sir Mo Farah, who has a dual UK/Somali citizenship and would be banned from America. And Steve Jobs’ father was a Syrian refugee to the United States, who would’ve been banned entry under this new order.

“This executive order is not making America great,” concluded Morgan. “It’s making America hate. Think again, Mr President.”

Read his entire letter here.


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