‘Pitch Perfect’ Premiere: Come for the Cast, Stay for the Music (Video)

'Pitch Perfect' opens nationwide on Sep. 28

Stars showed Monday night for the Hollywood premiere of “Pitch Perfect,” a college comedy directed by Jason Moore and starring Anna Kendrick, Britney Snow and Rebel Wilson.

Beca (Kendrick), a freshman at the so-called Barden University joins “The Bellas" — her school's all-girl singing group — to take on male rivals in a campus-wide competition.

“It’s been a long time coming and I finally have this night, so I’m thrilled to be here,” said the film’s writer, Kay Cannon, on the red carpet at the Arclight Hollywood.

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What gives “Pitch Perfect” its punch?

“I think the music is amazing, the arrangements…are so good,” Cannon said. “There are certain scenes I just watch and get so emotional because music is so powerful.”

"Pitch Perfect" opens nationwide on Sep. 28.