‘Planet of the Apes’ Primates Go Bananas Over Carmageddon

Spear-wielding simians swing into action to protest the closing of the 405

Last Updated: July 15, 2011 @ 4:00 PM

The tension over Carmageddon is really getting out of hand — now even the monkeys are revolting.

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As Southern California residents brace themselves for the auto-related catastrophe that will surely occur with this weekend's closure of the 405 freeway, a viral video tied to the upcoming movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" has swung onto the Internet, featuring a group of spear-wielding simians amassing on a freeway overpass to make their displeasure known.

And here people probably thought that the Carmageddon situation couldn't get any hairier than it already is…

Go ahead; monkey around by watching the video.