Podcasts Boomed in 2019, But 2020 Will Be Even Bigger

”You have a lot of celebrities who have traditionally been outside of podcasting coming into the space,“ Ad Results Media CMO Kurt Kaufer says

The podcast boom shows signs of going thermonuclear in 2020, as major tech and content companies juice studios with hundreds of millions in investment and more A-list stars flock to the medium.

While 2019 marked the beginning of the boom with Spotify’s acquisition of Gimlet Media, a surge in revenue and increasingly ambitious projects across the podcast space are expected as audio platforms compete for market share and ad dollars.

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Benjamin Reeves

Benjamin Reeves

Benjamin Reeves is a New York based journalist and writer. His work has appeared in publications including Worth, Los Angeles Review of Books, USA Today, Miami Herald, Talking Points Memo and Vice, among others.