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Pop TV Boss Compares Pulling ‘Seventh Heaven’ Reruns to Pulling ‘Cosby Show’

TCA 2015: Referring to prior decision to pull Stephen Collins series, Brad Schwartz said, ”Cosby is bigger“

POP TV president Brad Schwartz wasn’t prepared to answer what the network would do if it aired “Cosby Show” reruns amid the sexual assault allegations currently swirling around Bill Cosby.

A rebrand of TV Guide Network, POP TV’s new programming draws heavily upon ’80s and ’90s culture and could conceivably air repeats of “The Cosby Show.” One reporter asked the executive how he would handle such a situation.

“I don’t want to dodge the answer,” Schwartz told reporters during Friday’s Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena. “I have to think about it.”

But, then he recalled that TVGN had previously pulled reruns of “Seventh Heaven” after its star, Stephen Collins, was accused of sexually molesting minors in October. A reporter asked him to explain that decision.

[‘Seventh Heaven’] was a show that by its very nature was heartfelt,” Schwartz explained. “The father of that show was a priest. We just thought when the allegations came out … that we didn’t need to air it. It wasn’t a big hit show for us. We never promoted it. It was an easy decision. I think the Cosby thing is a little bigger.”

For now, that’s not something with which he’ll have to deal. Its syndicated reruns slate currently includes “90210” and “Melrose Place.”