• Eminem Loses Downloading Case to Universal Music

    A blow to artists seeking a greater share of digital profits.

  • Why “Watchmen” Is Serious, People

    What you must know about the landmark graphic novel that changed the way we look at superheroes.

  • How Other Comics Fared

    The Top 10 grossing superhero movies of all time — did they make it because of the source material or in spite of it?

  • All Eyes on “Watchmen”

    The landmark graphic novel is to graphic-novel geeks what “Schindler’s List” is to Jews and “Twilight” is to teen-age girls.

  • Why “Watchmen” Is Serious, People

    You’ve seen the billboards, web videos, advertisements, commercials, book displays. But you’ve not read the work itself. So you’re wondering: What is the fuss is all about over “Watchmen.” Some SILLY COMIC BOOK. So let me pull back the domino mask on why Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel holds such significance to comic-book […]

  • The MPAA vs. Piracy in the Age of Recession

    So, with as much as 25 percent of its operating budget slashed, how does the Motion Picture Assn. of America maintain its fight against Hollywood Enemy No. 1? (That would be piracy, not Osama bin Laden.) "We’re going to have to be more focused … and do more with less," said an MPAA spokesman. Translation: the battle […]

  • Sony to Cut 300 Jobs

    Faced with slumping DVD sales and a worsening economy, Sony Pictures Entertainment plans to cut about 300 jobs, or about 4% of its workforce.

  • Winners and Wild Cards

    “Idol” again took a stab at making us misty-eyed by airing slow-mo clips of the hopefuls crying and whatnot, backed by poignant music. But at least this week’s results show had a bit more meat to it than last week’s. Let’s get to the good stuff. After a cheesy Up With People group version of […]

  • How Tribune’s Bankruptcy Filing Will Ripple Through the TV Business

    The media company’s TV creditors, from Warner Bros to Fox, are only part of the pain that insolvency will bring.

  • Shaq vs Dalai Lama: Tweet Tweet

    The most-popular Twitterers? It may surprise you.

  • Really No Country for Old Men

    In the spring of 1998, as I watched the cast of "Murphy Brown" take its final curtain call — a wonderful show that I was justly proud to have been a part of — I wondered if perhaps this was the zenith of my career in television. What lay ahead for me now? Three days […]

  • The Never Ending Sequel Story

    Today I realized the world was ending. This morning, as I was buttering my gluten free toast, reading the “movies in production” online, I froze in horror.  I dropped my silver butter knife almost decapitating my Chihuahua who sits each morning waiting for crumbs to drop from my plate as I read they are remaking […]

  • The Last of the Top 36 Compete

    It’s difficult to say which “Idol” news is bigger this week: the upcoming Wild Card round or the homoerotic photos of Adam Lambert flooding the web.  In either case, today’s biggest story is the last round of semi-final performances.  Here’s how it went down:   Von Smith: He toned the singing down about 30 decibels and turned […]

  • Amy Lemisch … Grilled!

    The California Film Commission’s director explains the $100 million production tax credit for you.

  • Tyler Perry Releasing Next Two Films with Lionsgate (press release)

    Lionsgate Press Release:   LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF), a leading next generation studio, announced today that it has acquired the rights to the next two films from writer/director/actor/producer Tyler Perry, TYLER PERRY’S I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF and TYLER PERRY’S WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO.    The announcement comes as the latest title […]