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President Obama Eats a Dead Fish on First Look at ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’ (Video)

The current Commander in Chief will become the first U.S. President to receive a televised crash course in survival

President Obama is willing to do whatever it takes to survive in the nationally televised wilderness, including feasting on a bear’s sloppy seconds.

NBC’s “Today” offered an exclusive first look at the President’s guest appearance on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” on Tuesday, and it shows the pair eating a salmon carcass, which was already picked apart by one of the area’s most dangerous predators.

“Bear’s a mediocre cook, but the fact that we ate something recognizable was encouraging,” said Obama. “Now, the fact that he told me this was a leftover fish from a bear, I don’t know if that was necessary. He could have just left that out.”

The President shot the episode during a recent three-day trip to Alaska, where he observed the effect of climate change on the state.

The special episode of the reality show that regularly recruits Hollywood stars for outdoor adventures will air this fall on NBC, but the network has yet to set a specific date.

Watch the video.