President Trump Is Spending the Most Money on Google Political Ads – by Far

Trump is also the biggest buyer of Facebook ads

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President Trump is blowing the competition away when it comes to online ad spending ahead of the 2018 U.S. midterms — and he’s not even up for reelection for another two years.

According to a new tool for tracking political spending released by Google on Wednesday, Trump — via the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee” — has invested $629,500 in Google ads since the start of June. (The ad tracking tool shares data on spending since May 31 of this year.)

While Trump isn’t running in 2018, his ads are touching on several hot-button issues currently in the news.

“Liberals want to see America’s borders left wide open to let just anyone into our country,” reads one ad that ran on YouTube, the Google-owned video giant. “Not going to happen!”

That puts Trump well ahead of the pack when it comes to Google ads. The next biggest spender is One Nation, a Karl Rove-linked organization focused on cutting taxes and repealing Obamacare that has dropped $440,300 since May 31.

Rounding out the top five, Planned Parenthood has spent $341,600, Florida Governor Rick Scott has spent $324,300, and House Majority PAC, a pro-Democrat group looking to win Congressional seats has spent $287,800 on Google.

Meanwhile, the most ad buys by an individual Democrat is the $266,000 spent by Texas politician Beto O’Rourke in his bid to unseat Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate.

Google’s ad tracker follows in the footsteps of Facebook, which released its political ad hub earlier this year. Trump is also Facebook’s biggest spender on political ads, a study by New York University found last month.