Presidential Debate: Best Twitter Reactions From Hollywood

Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock and Albert Brooks are just a few of the big names weighing in on last night's Obama-Romney matchup.

Last Updated: October 17, 2012 @ 1:15 PM

Albert Brooks, Chris Rock and Sarah Silverman were among those tweeting responses to last night's face-off between President Obama and Mitt Romney, and the 140-character fireworks were almost as dazzling as anything taking place on the debate stage.

Getty ImagesTo spare America the trouble of scrolling through its feed, TheWrap has sifted through the embers of last night's funniest, most rabble rousing and, dare we say it, piquant tweets.

They may not have the instant meme-appeal of "binders of women," but here are the best responses from Hollywood stars, media icons and political sages.

Albert Brooks (@AlbertBrooks): I trust Obama on immigration. After all he came here from Kenya.

Chris Rock (@chrisrock): Clean coal is kinda like clean porn.

Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo): I won the debate!

Kate Walsh (@katewalsh): Whoopass can opened! I just wish Obama's pants were slim fit.

Rachel Maddow (@maddow): Women need flexibility in the workplace because they're the ones who have to cook dinner?

Howard Kurtz (@HowardKurtz): Obama's boom-boom attacks on Romney in opening minutes: where was this guy in Denver? Is this a body double? #debates

Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman): Vote for @MittRomney and live in smarmony

Frank Rich (@frankrichny): Romney's sense of humor — priceless!

Karl Rove (@KarlRove):  ‏Obama wants GOP to come together on comprehensive immigration reform? Where was this attitude in 2007?  #debates

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler): That debate was better than a real housewives reunion.

Harvey Levin (@HarveyLevinTMZ): These 2 guys looked like they took a cram course in brutalizing opponents in debate. Nothing inspiring about either…nothing Presidential.

Ashley Judd (@AshleyJudd): Priceless: Romney saying he ran the Olympics balanced budget: his wife's horse got more deductions than a middle class family.