‘Price Is Right’ Three-Way Tie Puts Twitter in Meltdown Mode (Video)

Social media freaks out as three contestants all hit the $1 mark on Showcase Showdown


Wrap readers, come on down, and marvel at a very rare occurrence on “The Price Is Right.”

The Showcase Showdown segment on Monday’s episode of the daytime game show was a real white-knuckle ride, as all three contestants tied with a total of $1 in the Spin-Off game.

Making the moment even more amazing, the three contestants all required both spins to reach the magic amount — and none of them landed on the same number combinations to reach it.

Needless to say, the Twitter community — or at least that portion of the Twitter community that’s home to watch daytime game shows — had a full-scale freak-out over the moment.

“All 3 contestants on The Price Is Right spun a dollar and ALL THREE needed two spins to do it?!” marveled one viewer. “That is wild man, history. 2016 you crazy.”

“I can’t believe that 3 people hit $1.00 on the wheel on the price is right,” another wrote.

“WHAT ARE THE CHANCES,” another loudly wondered.

“WATCH: The most incredible moment in Price Is Right history happened today!” another implored. “WOW!!! Watch now.”

“What a time to be alive.” another fan gushed.

One fan went so far as to classify the moment as a “miracle,” though as far as we know the Vatican hasn’t weighed in on this yet.

Watch the moment and read the reactions below.