Prince Made a Really Weird Video Game in 1994

In addition to being a talented singer, musician, actor and every other entertainment-related thing you could think of, he was also a game developer

prince interactive

Prince did everything. A cursory look through his millions of credits on IMDB or Wikipedia is testament to that.

But you might not have realized exactly how far “everything” extended to. It turns out that also includes a video game.

Called “Prince Interactive” and released for PCs in 1994, the game is a point-and-click “graphic adventure” in the style of early-’90s blockbuster “Myst.” The goal is to complete a series of puzzles in order to unlock all the parts of Prince’s symbol.

“Prince Interactive” is set in the music legend’s Paisley Park Studios, where he was found dead on April 21. Players must explore the compound in order to solve puzzles in each room. One of the rooms has a spaceship in it.

The game also included a bunch of bonus features, including two exclusive tracks — “Interactive” and “Endorphin Machine,” the latter appearing on Prince’s 1995 album “The Gold Experience.” It also contained video interviews with Little Richard, Eric Clapton, George Clinton and Miles Davis, in which they discuss Prince. And, for whatever reason, a karaoke version of “Kiss,” which is the only karaoke song in the game.

Click through the gallery below for a pile of screenshots from “Prince Interactive.” It’s quite a trip.