Woody Allen Can’t Be Charged Now, Prosecutor Says

Retired Conn. DA Frank Maco tells the AP the statute of limitations has expired

The retired district attorney who investigated child molestation charges against Woody Allen two decades ago told The Associated Press it would be too late to prosecute the director now.

Dylan Farrow, who Allen adopted with Mia Farrow, came forward over the weekend to allege in a blog post that Allen sexually assaulted her when she was 7 in an attic-like, second-story room. It was the first time Dylan, now 28, publicly described the alleged abuse by the director.

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But in her blog post, she recounted how she spent years telling her story to doctors and authorities as a child.

Litchfield County District Attorney Frank Maco said in 1993 that he lacked evidence to prosecute Allen but suspected the abuse did occur. Maco, who retired in 2003, told the AP in a phone interview Sunday that the statute of limitations on the potential charges ran out at least 15 years ago.

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Dylan Farrow said in her post that authorities opted not to go forward with charges against Allen “due to, in the words of the prosecutor, the fragility of the child victim.’ Woody Allen was never convicted of any crime. That he got away with what he did to me haunted me as I grew up.”

Allen has called her allegations “untrue and disgraceful.”