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‘Suffragette’ Premiere Stormed, Delayed by Protesters at London Film Festival

”I’m glad our film has done something,“ says star Helena Bonham Carter. ”That’s exactly what it’s there for“

Protesters stormed the red carpet premiere of “Suffragette” at the BFI London Film Festival in Leicester Square on Wednesday, delaying the premiere for about 15 minutes as security tried to restore order.

The U.K.’s Guardian reported that protesters came from Sisters Uncut, an anti-domestic violence group, that wanted to use the occasion to protest recent government cuts to domestic violence services.

“Suffragette” opens in the U.S. on Oct. 23, and follows the story of the early feminist movement when women were forced underground as they fought for the right to vote. The film stars Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan and is directed by Sarah Gavron. All were present at the premiere when the protests occurred.

According to the Guardian, over 100 protesters jumped over barriers as “green and purple smoke bombs filled the air.” While no injuries were reported, the newspaper said that security had to push and carry the protesters back behind the barriers.

Bonham Carter told Sky News at the premiere that the protest was the “perfect” response for the film: “I’m glad our film has done something. That’s exactly what it’s there for.”

Romala Garai, who also stars in the film, was happy about the protests as well, adding, “I haven’t spoken to them [the protesters] or seen their demands but I’m happy to see the suffrage movement is alive and happening.”

According to the Guardian, activists chanted the words, “Dead women can’t vote” and “we are suffragettes.”

The BFI London Film Festival runs through Oct. 18.