Rachel Maddow: I Love Al Sharpton

Maddow says other MSNBC hosts could learn from preacher

If MSNBC gives Al Sharpton a show, Rachel Maddow will be happy to have him.

The network's 9 p.m. host talked at the Television Critics Association summer tour Tuesday about the possibility of Sharpton, a frequent guest host on the network, permanently taking over the network's 6 p.m. slot from Cenk Uyger.

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"Al's gonna do what Al's gonna do," Maddow told TheWrap. "There's no deal with Al at this point. I think he's been a stupendous guest host. … When he is talking to the camera about something going on in news, it is impossible to turn away. I really love Al. I think that he has a huge heart, I think that he is wicked smart, I think that he has been there and seen it and done it."

She added that Sharpton "has a really powerful way of communicating with people in part developed through his years of preaching. You don't preach with a TelePrompter, right? …  Not only do I think he was great on TV but I actually think we have a lot to learn from him, all of us as hosts."