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Rage Against the Machine Hits Occupy Wall Street

Tom Morello, the band’s guitarist, will perform at the protests’ downtown headquarters on Thursday

Fair or not, Occupy Wall Street has earned a reputation for being a hippie haven, and the constant influx of musical guests is doing little to refute that characterization.

Having already performed at Occupy Los Angeles,Tom Morello, the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, will stop by Zuccotti Park Thursday at noon both to scope out the scene and perform.

Taking the microphone as the “Nightwatchman,” Morello will likely play songs off of his appropriately titled new album “World Wide Rebel Songs.”

Morello is but the latest musician to come through. Kanye West accompanied Russell Simmons to the four-week old protest on Monday while rapper Talib Kweli performed an impromptu set Oct. 6.

Hollywood has also made its presence known with visits from the likes of Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore.

Thursday could be an early test of the protesters’ mettle as scattered thunderstorms have been predicted. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who called for the protesters to leave briefly on Friday so the park could be cleaned, has indicated he expects the area to clear out once the real cold sets in.

The protesters have vowed to stay as long as is necessary, though they may still need a boost from the copycat protests located in fair weather cities.