Rand Paul to Hit Up Los Angeles Area Donors With Two Fundraisers

GOP Presidential candidate holds events in San Bernadino County on September 15

Kentucky Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul will be heading to the West Coast for two fundraisers in San Bernardino County on Sept. 15.

According to The Press Enterprise, a local Southern California paper, Paul is scheduled to be at the DoubleTree hotel in Ontario. The county fundraiser will be followed by a VIP reception to help raise money for Paul’s campaign.

While the event will be emceed by State GOP Chairman and former Inland lawmaker Jim Brulte, the county party is not endorsing any Republican presidential candidates.

Paul, the son of former Texas congressman Ron Paul, has already secured the endorsement of at least on big Hollywood star. While at the “Young Americans for Liberty” conference at UCLA in April, actor Vince Vaughn  told the crowd, “I have gotten to know Rand through Ron and I have found him to be very consistent on a lot of the issues where liberty is concerned, and liked him very much.”

According to his campaign, Paul raised $7 million in the opening months of his presidential campaign, sitting in the middle of the pack of Republicans.

Paul was elected to the Senate in 2010 and is one of the more libertarian candidates in the field of 17 hopefuls seeking the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

An ophthalmologist, Paul is pro-life and has criticized the Iraq war. He also opposes gun control and has supported a flat tax.

The day after Paul’s Inland visit, CNN will host a Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley.

Paul is expected to make the cut to participate.