Rapper Killer Mike Helps Bill Maher Skewer Bill O’Reilly on ‘Real Time’ Appearance (Video)

“He’s more full of shit than an outhouse,” the music artist says during panel on HBO talk show

Bill O’Reilly recently blamed just about everything wrong with the world on rap music, and at least one rapper isn’t buying it.

During an appearance on Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” rapper Killer Mike tore into the Fox News host for his views.

“He’s more full of shit than an outhouse,” the musician quipped, seemingly not believing that O’Reilly actually holds those views. “I’m going to go to a black club and see Bill O’Reilly with a stripper in his lap, I guarantee that… He knows it’s an act.”

Maher, who says he knows O’Reilly, disagrees, and argues that plenty of people hold those views.

“He may be full of shit, but it’s sincere shit,” Maher said.

Later, during a more serious discussion, Killer Mike took on the topic of Baltimore, trying to explain the motivation behind some looters who set fire to a CVS drugstore.

“When people say, why did you burn down a CVS? Why are you burning down your own community? Well, because of black people being denied laws, because of black people being snookered out of their homes and gentrifiers coming in or not coming in,” he said. “Because of all this happening, you live in a community you don’t own. You’re a renter, you’re just occupying a space. The police are there, they’re occupying you. So when you say burn down my community, what did I burn?”

The rapper continued to espouse on the hiring practices of conglomerates like CVS hiring from at least 10 miles outside its location in order to prevent theft or employees allowing their friends to steal.

“So what did I destroy aside from an economic eyesore that won’t hire me anyway, overcharges me for drugs and I gotta wait until the next morning for my painkillers?” he asked hypothetically.

Watch the interview above and below.