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Rapper T-Pain Gives Yearbook Quote, Makes Student’s Year

”People don’t think it be like it be, but it do“

High school senior Gabriel Silvan called on T-Pain to provide him with a yearbook quote, and the rapper came through to bless Silvan’s life.

Silvan tweeted at T-Pain last December asking for a quote, and the rapper responded with the insightful turn of phrase, “people don’t think it be like it be, but it do.” A few months passed and when the yearbooks were finally printed, Silvan sent T-Pain a photo of his words.

“Man. This. This is the kind of s— I live for,” the rapper wrote back. “You did it bro. Killed it. Good job man.”

Sylvan seemed overjoyed by the interaction and its final result, taking to Twitter to express his delight. “I could get curved and rejected by any female ever and I wouldn’t care because tpain has blessed my life more than any woman would,” he wrote. “No one can ever make me feel bad ever again.”

See the tweets below: