Raven-Symone Slammed on Social Media for ‘Ignorant’ #SpringValleyAssault Comments

“Someone please put superglue in Raven Symone’s lip gloss so she shuts the fu*k up,” one user tweets

Raven-Symone has found herself at the center of yet another controversy after she commented on the video of a South Carolina police officer violently pulling a black high school student from her desk.

“You do not need to be manhandling a child that way,” said “The View” co-host of the now-viral video. “But at the same time, kids — put your phones away.

“I used to be scared of my teachers, I was scared to go to the principal,” she continued. “And now, there’s so much ‘oomph’ or gusto in younger people — lack of respect — they feel like they can pop off at the mouth at an adult.”

Twitter users immediately began bashing the actress, calling her “ignorant” and a few other choice words for appearing to support the officer in the incident.

Read some of the reactions below.