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‘American Crime’ Star Regina King Explains Her Toughest Season 3 Scene (Exclusive Video)

The actress is up for her third Emmy nomination for ”American Crime“

“American Crime” Season 3 ended before justice could be found for one victim in particuar, as social worker Kamara, played by Regina King, had to identify the body of Shae Reese (Anna Mulvoy Ten), a minor arrested for prostitution.

That brutal scene was the most difficult for King, who told TheWrap that she and Ten became so close during filming, their relationship was like mother and daughter.

“That was pretty tough,” King said. “One because Anna and I have become so close throughout our time working together and I asked to not see her until that moment… [After the scene, I said] ‘I can’t take it, I can’t take seeing Anna like that.’ And you know, she has a British accent, and she’s like ‘oh mummy, I’m okay!’ … Cause I’m her play mom. I’m her American play mom.”

King said one of her “great accomplishments” on the show was learning how to put in the colored contacts her character wears. “if you look at me in episode one when I was putting them on, it was like, ‘Oh god. Okay, okay, okay, I dropped it again, I’ve gotta clean it…’ By the time I got the like episode three, I was a pro,” she told TheWrap.

If she could give an Emmy to a co-star, King would pick Benito Martinez, who plays Luis on the show. “His depiction of a father looking for his son and discovering [his son’s fate]… and then having to share that with his wife–and not necessarily share that news–that was just absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful,” King said.

King is nominated for the third time as Outstanding Supporting Actress for her work on “American Crime.”

Watch the video above to see King’s full Emmy Quickie.