Did Bad Ratings Lead CNN to Oust Brian Stelter and Cancel ‘Reliable Sources’?

In June, the Sunday morning show posted its lowest ratings in the key news demo in more than two decades

Brian Stelter’s ouster from CNN may have been clinched by the network’s desire to tone down partisanship, but the poor ratings for the media correspondent’s weekly “Reliable Sources” show didn’t help his case to stay on at the network.

The Sunday morning show has had its lowest-rated year since 2015 — two years after Stelter took over as host — and has lost 26% of its total audience compared to last year. Among the key news demo of viewers 25-54, the show has lost about 34% of its viewers.

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Katie Campione

Katie Campione is a TV Reporter at TheWrap. She has contributed to The Hollywood Reporter, People Magazine, The Associated Press, and more. She has a BA in Journalism from the University of Florida. Find her on Twitter: @Katie_Campione