Report: Olbermann Could’ve Avoided Suspension With ‘Sorry’

Was that all it really took? Sounds like a game of stubborn


Keith Olbermann could have avoided suspension from "Countdown" with a mea culpa on the MSNBC show, but he refused, Politico reports.

Citing network sources he didn't name, Mike Allen reported Sunday that Olbermann refused the on-camera apology for making three political donations prior to Tuesday's election — a refusal that got him taken off the air indefinitely.

The decidedly left-leaning talk show host told his bosses that he didn't know such a thing violated network rules (what working journalist doesn't know this at least enough to ask?), and is loath to publicly admit as much, Allen says.

If true, then Olbermann's exile — and possible exit — from MSNBC become a point of pride, rather than principle. Coming from the famously stubborn and combative former sportscaster, this comes as little surprise.