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‘Return to Amish’ Season 2 Premiere Clip Shows Jeremiah and Abe at Odds (Exclusive Video)

The TLC reality series returns May 31

Jeremiah and Abe have a heated face off in a new clip from Sunday’s season premiere of the TLC reality series “Return to Amish.”

In the clip, Jeremiah challenges Abe about his relationship with his family by saying that his father prioritizes church over Abe, who is also whipped by his wife.

“You’re letting him push your ass around, the same way your wife does,” Jeremiah says. “She controls you, Abe.”

“Return to Amish” revisits the cast of the original series “Breaking Amish” as they settle back in to life in Pennsylvania.

Here’s everything TLC has in store for viewers in Season 2:

In the season premiere of ‘Return to Amish,’ Mary’s shunning by the Amish church continues, but Chester is in the process of making peace with the bishop. Abe and Rebecca are raising their family, while coming to terms with the idea that their Amish past is getting further and further behind them. In New York City, Kate continues to model, but she undergoes plastic surgery that could greatly affect her career. Jeremiah attempts to regain some of his heritage in order to stabilize his life, and Katie Ann starts to feel a pull back toward the English life she once flirted with. Chapel deals with an unknown future, and Andrew throws her and the rest of the family for a loop by getting himself back into trouble.

Throughout the season, the relationships and bonds of the group are tested. With Mary’s health in question, the family rallies around her to help make her dreams a reality. While Chapel still struggles with her illness, Andrew reverts back to his old ways which lands him in jail. Kate returns after the news of Mary’s poor health, and Jeremiah steps in to launch the bed and breakfast successfully. For the first time, viewers also meet Jeremiah’s children, and everyone must put aside their differences to help Mary in her times of need.

Watch the video below.

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