Rihanna Goes Deep Into Female Genitalia Debate

“Deep is an issue, hello!’ the chart-topping singer tells filmmaker Miranda July in New York Times’ T Magazine

Rihanna Anti
Getty Images

Now here’s a probing line of questioning.

Rihanna sat down with filmmaker Miranda July for an interview for T, the New York Times’ style magazine, published online Monday in advance of the magazine’s Oct. 25 release.

While one might expect the lengthy interview to focus extensively on the “Bitch Better Have My Money” singer’s fashion sense, such was not the case, with July and Rihanna exploring the benefits and drawbacks of various vagina shapes.

Spurred by the fact that the singer admitted to Googling the word “childbirth,” July put out a feeler to find out if the singer was with child.

”Hey, you’re not about to get pregnant are you?” July asked. “The Internet will explode when I say you were Googling childbirth.”

No, Rihanna assured July, she had a more “generalized” concern.

”’Phobia of a big vagina.’ … ‘Deep,’” Rihanna clarified, engaging in yet another Internet search. “This is awful. I can’t believe I’m typing this in.”

The revelation sparked a debate between interviewer and subject.

”Wait,” July responded. ”Deep’s not an issue. It’s wide.”

”Deep is an issue, hello!” Rihanna responded.

”Huh. Cause I feel like the — I always feel short-vaginaed,” July said.

”Trust me, if they can’t feel the end, it’s like, Cannonball!” the singer countered.

Nice to see the Times hitting it hard on the topic of lady-bits.

Read the full interview here.