Rio Olympics Most Memorable Moments on Facebook, Week 2

Famous faces share the most unforgettable social media posts celebrating the world’s best Olympic athletes

Last Updated: August 22, 2016 @ 10:14 AM

As the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio come to a close and the last medals are awarded Sunday night, TheWrap takes a look at what famous fans of the Games thought of the two-week tournament — the good, the adorable, the “aww” and the “ugh.”

1. Michael Phelps says he’s retiring from swimming via Facebook Live

While hanging out with his teammates before their last event of the Rio Olympics, Phelps made a surprising announcement. “I’m not going four more years. This is it. Tonight’s the last time I’ll be suiting up and racing this level.”

2. Kygo announces he’s playing at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Norwegian DJ, songwriter, record producer and musician Kygo happily announces his next gig.”I have been fortunate to perform a lot of incredible places, but I have to say this will be the biggest performance of my career. I’m excited to announce I will perform at #Rio2016 #ClosingCeremony on August, 21!”

3. Bette Midler has questions about Ryan Lochte’s “package”

No one can take the legal problems of an Olympic gold medalist and spin it into something naughty quite like the Divine Miss M. “Police say Ryan Lochte lied about being held up at gunpoint in Rio. Now I’m wondering if he stuffs his swimsuit.”

4. Zac Efron surprises his No. 1 fan, Simone Biles

Nineteen-year-old Olympic gold medal gymnast Simone Biles was at a loss for words — almost — when the “Today” show arranged for her to meet her heartthrob, Zac Efron. “Stop! Stop! You’re lying!” she screamed as he walked in the door.

5. Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir speaks out on Ryan Lochte scandal

In a Facebook Live interview, Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir mentioned “all the Lochte drama is really cringe-worthy.”

6. USA Gymnastics’ Final Five talk about meeting Zac Efron on Facebook Live

While noshing on pizza and brownies, medalist Aly Raisman said of the moment her lovestruck teammate Simone Biles met her idol, “She almost started crying … and then she got it together.”

7. Alyssa Milano shares a video of her son watching and running along with a track race

There are no age limits when it comes to Olympics fans. Alyssa Milano‘s 5-year-old son Milo hopped on Mom’s treadmill and ran right along with the athletes while watching a track race. That deserves a chocolate medal at the very least.

8. Mundo ESPN shared a Facebook 360 video of its interview with Usain Bolt

Asked if he thought he’d reached his goal of being known as a great athlete a la Mohamed Ali, the Jamaican sprinter said, “It’s always for the media to decide — and the fans. They will decide if I’m that great to be remembered as one of the best. But I’ve done all to prove that I am so.”

9. Will Claye shared the reason why he scored two prizes in one day

The triple jump silver medalist was seen on “Rio! Olympians in Cars Getting Medals” where he told fans why he had the best day of his life. “After I got my silver medal today, I proposed to my girlfriend and, thank God, she said yes.”

10. Ashton Kutcher acknowledged Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui’s candid admission of “that time of month”

Kutcher shared a video from highlighting Yuanhui’s open discussion of competing while having her period. He captioned the share, “This shouldn’t be so revolutionary.”