Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Staffer’s Oral Sex Allegations: I’ve Got Enough to Eat at Home (Video)

Crack may be the least of his problems

Maybe Rob Ford should just stop talking for a while.

The embattled Toronto mayor stuck his considerable foot even further into his considerable mouth at a Thursday City Hall press conference, where he appeared to be addressing allegations of cocaine use and warning reporters to be careful about what they wrote.

He then said this: “Oh and the last thing was, Olivia Gondek says that I wanted to eat her pussy — I never said that in my life to her.”

Ford added, “I’m happily married, I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”

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Gondek, a former Ford staffer, claimed that the mayor previously told her, “I banged your pussy” and “I’m going to eat you out,” according to Canada’s Sun News Network.

The stunned journalists at City Hall could not believe what they just heard.

Reactions from the press that can be overheard afterwards stem from, “Why would you say that?” to “Oh my God!” to “Are you kidding me?” A final “I love that guy!” was audible before cutting back to the CBC News anchor desk in this particular clip.

Ford later apologized for what he called “unforgivable language,” chalking it up to “tremendous, tremendous stress.” Ford added that he is “receiving support from a team of health care professionals.”

Watch the first press conference clip (in horror):

And here is the apology press conference that came later: