Rob Lowe Reveals His Social Media Rules of Engagement After Shirtless ‘Sound of Music’ Post

The “West Wing” actor and Twitter power user shares his secrets, “it’s authentic, it’s me, it’s unfiltered”

If there’s a hot topic on Twitter, you can bet that Rob Lowe is one of the first to comment on it. From sounding off on buzzy Hollywood or political scandals to lip syncing shirtless to the “Sound of Music,” the “West Wing” star always has something to say.

One of the recent trending topics Lowe shared his opinion on was Ariana Grande’s donut-licking debacle on 4th of the July, which was a lesson for all how not act on social media.

“Cannot wait for the new Arianna Grande/Dixie Chicks jam to drop! ,” he wrote last week.

With the controversy around Grande still brewing, the 51-year-old actor, who next stars in “The Grinder” on Fox, shared his social media secrets with “Access Hollywood Live” on Monday, beginning with that bizarre Julie Andrews’ “The Hills are Alive” performance.

“There are so many celebrities out there  — who have way more followers than I do so they are doing something right — but it feels very corporate to me, it feels very impersonal, and when it is personal, it’s so benign and I am just not into it,” Lowe explained.

“My thing is that it’s authentic, it’s me. It is unfiltered,” he said.

Lowe went on to share his social media rules for excelling in the Twitterverse and the mental checklist he ticks off before posting anything to the world.

  • “Does it need to be said?”
  • “Does it need to be said by me?”
  • “Does it need to be said now?”
  • “And if the answer is ‘yes, yes and yes,’ I do it and I don’t care what.”

Watch the video here and see Lowe’s “Sound of Music” spinning act: