Scathing Review of Rolling Stone’s Campus Rape Story Sparks Social Media Outrage

“What does it take to get fired at Rolling Stone?” The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty tweets

Rolling Stone's "Rape on Campus" article
Rolling Stone

Journalists burned up social media Sunday evening with reaction to the scathing independent review on Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus” story.

The comments were widespread with an undertone of sheer amazement at the journalistic missteps that took place during the reporting process.

The 12,866-word independent review authored by Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll concluded that the Rolling Stone article is “a story of journalistic failure that was avoidable.”

Twitter seemed to agree. Below is a look at some of the reaction.



Some wondered how it’s possible none of the staffers involved in the reporting of the story would be fired.

Others cited Rolling Stone’s answers to the report as more reflective of a company expecting lawsuits than serving its readers.

The 12,866-word review of Rolling Stone’s story found errors from the Managing Editor of the magazine all the way down to fact-checkers.

Publisher Jann S. Wenner has stated no one will be disciplined and suggested the erroneous campus rape story as an isolated mistake.