Roman Reigns’ ‘Illegal Vest’ Petition to WWE Reaches Change.Org Signature Goal

More than 2,500 people haven’t gotten the memo about wrestling not being real

Roman Reigns WWE

Go back to the WWE locker room and change your shirt — that’s the message more than 2,500 people have sent (sort of) loud and (sort of) clear to Superstar Roman Reigns.

The pro grappler, whose real name is Joe Anoaʻi, is known for wearing signature body armor in the form of a reinforced vest that many followers think is tantamount to cheating. A petition launched Tuesday campaigning to ban Reigns’ “illegal” gear reached its 2,500 signature goal on Friday.

“Roman Reigns has been systematically breaking the rules of Admiral-Lord Mountevans Unified Rules of Professional Wrestling through the use of illegal body armor to protect himself during the course of matches with legitimately dressed competitors, and has been doing so throughout his career,” the petition claims.

“We require swift action that prohibits the use of this body armor in all future WWE contests by Mr. Reigns and anyone else.”

The petition, which was started by Mick Huck, will apparently be sent to Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Jack Tunney, Mick Foley, President Barack Obama, California Rep. Tony Cardenas and Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Reigns, who was suspended from the WWE earlier this summer for an initial violation of the company’s wellness policy, has had an up-and-down week. While he couldn’t win the WWE Universal Championship Monday on “Raw” (the belt went to Kevin Owens), Reigns was recently named the top wrestler in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. So there’s that.

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The petition is now looking for 5,000 signees.