Roseanne Barr Blasts Chuck Lorre: You’re a Joke Thief!

Joke about being wet has Roseanne Barr breathing fire at “Two and a Half Men” boss

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Roseanne Barr has reignited her feud with Chuck Lorre — if it ever really cooled off in the first place.

Barr — whose acrimonious relationship with Lorre extends back to the “Big Bang Theory” boss’s days as a writer on “Roseanne” — has once again directed her wrath at Lorre, accusing him of stealing jokes.

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In a virtual Twit-abuster that raged full bore for a solid 10 hours, Barr continually hurled vitriol at Lorre for allegedly pilfering punch lines. At issue was a joke apparently used on Thursday night’s “Two and a Half Men.”

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Brace yourself for the F bombs that follow.

“HOLLYWOOD TV ‘WRITERS’ r actually just soulless thieves of comics’ intellectual property. #fuckashtonKuchner #fuckChuck #fuckthieves,” Barr wrote early on in her digital jeremiad. “asshole kuchner is stealing my ‘wet where i’m supposed to be dry’ joke @JohnnyArgent motherfucking thief.”

It didn’t take Barr long to focus her anger exclusively on Lorre with laser-like intensity — categorizing fans of Lorre’s shows as “moronic droolers” while she was at it.

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“Chuck Lorre has made MILLIONS-hundreds of millions-YET-he STEALS COMEDIAN’S WRITING-helps himself 2 STEAL other ppl’s work w no guilt,” Barr fumed. “Chuck Lorre will do anything2 make a $-lie, steal, cheat, rip off comics ideas, re use already overused premises2 entertain moronic droolers.”

Barr went on to suggest possible legal action, soliciting advice from any attorneys who might be subscribing to her twitter feed.

“any show biz lawyers lurking here? If something is copyrighted, then usurped 4broadcast, that is a slam dunk win in court, right?” Barr asked. “If i’m unable2 sue billionaire chuck lorre4 theft, then I will force myself 2 watch his shows-& steal his jokes 2-altho NOT many R FUNNY.”

One thing nobody can ever steal from Barr — her thunder.

Read on for a weighty collection of choice moments from Barr’s twitter rant: