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Roseanne Barr Un-Quits Twitter Shortly After Saying She’s Leaving Over ‘Anti-Semitism’ (Updated)

On second thought…

Updated at 1:45 p.m. PT: It seems Roseanne Barr has already un-quit Twitter. That lasted all of an hour or two.

Here is the “Roseanne” star’s tweeted lifting her own self-imposed ban from slightly earlier on Saturday:

We can all stop following @therealroseanne on Twitter now: Roseanne Barr says she’s leaving the social media platform over its “anti-Semitism.”

The “Roseanne” star believes that anti-Semitism is not banned on Twitter — and for that reason, she is out.

“I already deleted Facebook five years ago when the anti-Semitism there became toxic,” Barr wrote (among other things) on Saturday. “I am leaving all social media except Instagram.”

Barr won’t actually be deleting her Twitter account, she specified. After all, the comedian says she plans to keep an eye on her DMs (direct messages) to “continue to introduce fighters to other fighters here.”

Here are the ABC sitcom star’s tweets on the matter today: