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Twitter Thinks Rudy Giuliani Has Lost His Mind

Ex-mayor of New York ”has devolved into Uncle Junior,“ former Time Editor-in-Chief John Huey tweets

Donald Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani has openly accused Hillary Clinton of having health issues and embarked on a number of pro-Trump tirades, prompting many people to mock the former New York City mayor on Twitter.

Former Time Editor-in-Chief John Huey tweeted, “Rudy giuliani, former Time person of the year (deservedly in my biased opinion) has devolved into Uncle Junior. Sad.”

Huey was referencing Junior Soprano, the doddering crime boss from HBO’s “The Sopranos.” Giuliani recently feuded with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, pointed to online videos as evidence that Clinton has a mystery illness and even appeared to forget about the attacks of Sept. 11 when he said America didn’t have any radical Islamic terror attacks until President Obama took office.

Giuliani, famously, was the mayor of New York at the time of the attacks that felled the city’s Twin Towers.

Giuliani has frequently appeared on cable news shows to defend Trump and bash Clinton, while his high-energy speech at the Republican National Convention was beloved by conservatives but panned by nearly everyone else.

One of the main topics that Twitter has seized on is the fact that Giuliani suggested voters Google Clinton’s health issues, but a simple Google search of 9/11 conspiracy theories yields a host of results with which Hizzoner wouldn’t particularly agree with.

“Giuliani unsupported claims on HRC health confounds journos. On NY1, for NYT reporter/columnist Clyde Haberman called Rudy ‘borderline nuts,'” NPR’s David Folkenflik tweeted. The New Yorker even published a piece about Giuliani titled, “The appalling last act of Rudy Giuliani,” bashing the former mayor.

Dan Gilmor wrote, “You expect this from Fox”News” — but why are CNN et al allowing him to appear on their programs at this point?”

Check out some of the harshest Giuliani criticism on twitter: