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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Fans React to the Season Finale’s Big Butterfly Blunder: ‘Somebody Call PETA’

One moment from the Season 10 grand finale had viewers shook

If there was one jaw-dropping moment from the Season 10 finale of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” that got fans talking more than any other, it was Asia O’Hara’s big lip sync blunder.

Heading into the finale, Asia was one of the most formidable frontrunners, bringing years of experience and a refined stage presence to her lip syncs. That’s why it was such a surprise when she flubbed her lip sync against Kameron Michaels — who had been in the bottom throughout much of the season — so badly that she was the first of the final four queens to be eliminated.

Sporting a pink dress adorned with fake butterflies, Asia had planned to release some real butterflies from her costume at key moments throughout the lip sync. It did not go as planned.

Whether it was the dark lighting in the room, the noise of the crowd, or the trauma of being trapped in Asia’s dress, the butterflies never took flight. Instead, they just clung to her dress and fell to the floor, making for an excruciatingly anticlimactic mishap.

“The most awkward thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life is them stopping the taping of for 10 minutes while they cleaned dead butterflies off the stage,” wrote one fan who was in the audience for the moment. “Asia had to stand there waiting watching them do it.”

And just like that, Kameron moved on to the final round, and Asia’s chance at winning Season 10 and becoming America’s Next Drag Superstar was gone.

It was a disappointing finish for a fan-favorite queen who turned out a consistently strong performance throughout the season, but it certainly made for a memorable moment. See more reactions below:

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