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Occupy Wall Street Swarms Rupert Murdoch’s Home on ‘Millionaire’s March’

The protesters have left their enclave in lower Manhattan to stop by the homes of some of New York’s wealthiest individuals

Taking a cue from the French revolution, the Occupy Wall Street movement went on the march on Tuesday, moving up to New York's ritzy Upper East Side to picket the homes of some of the city's wealthiest people.

Hundreds of participants of the so-called "Millionaires March" congregated at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue just after noon, and went on a protestors tour of the rich and famous.

They stopped to chant at the Fifth Avenue home of News Corp. Chairman and CEO Murdoch and waved oversized checks.

They then headed to the tony residences of Wall Street titans JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and businessman and Republican booster David Koch.

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The protestors shouted slogans and waved signs saying, "Tax the millionaires." The buildings had heavy security, and no clashes were reported.

They also went to the apartment building of financier Howard Milstein. 

So far, no one has been hung in effigy and the protesters seem to have remained on the sidewalks, which has prevented arrests. That differs from Occupy Wall Street's march on the Brooklyn Bridge, which resulted in hundreds of arrests.

But the protestors had a policy goal in mind: New York State's tax on millionaires is set to expire at the end of the year, and the protesters want it extended.

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On Monday, rap mogul Russell Simmons, who brought Kanye West with him, said he would happily pay more taxes if the money went to education. Simmons appeared on Reverend Al Sharpton's radio show, which the MSNBC host was broadcasting from the park.

While the New York protests have been relatively tranquil the past few days, Boston became the locus for a new series of arrests early Tuesday morning when the police detained more than 100 people.