Murdoch’s Wife Wendi a Hero for Taking a Swing at Attacker

The embattled media mogul’s reputation might be taking a hit, but his spouse is earning high praise for thwarting his assailant

Rupert Murdoch might have taken his lumps Tuesday during his Parliamentary hearing on News Corp.'s phone-hacking scandal, but his wife, Wendi Deng, is coming away from the affair with glowing reviews.

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Deng is gaining hero status after thwarting a protester who tossed a pie (actually a paper plate full of foam) at Murdoch during Tuesday morning's hearing. The man, who calls himself "Jonnie Marbles," identifies himself as an "activist, comedian, father figure and all-around nonsense" on his Twitter account.

According to Telegraph reporter James Kirkup, who bore witness to the melee, "First, [Deng] swung a slap at her husband’s attacker. She followed up by picking up the plate and trying to strike him with it. And then she moved back to her husband. Sitting on the table before him, she started to clear the foam from his face, sometimes embracing him, holding his bald head in her arms.

Watch video of the attack below. Full report continues below chart:

As word broke of Deng's heroic act, the Twitter community was quick to sing her praises.

"I'm awed by Wendi Murdoch taking down Rupert's attacker. She was way ahead of the police: Good for her," one tweeter gushed.

Another raved, "This screengrab of Wendi Murdoch lunging for her husband's shaving-cream attacker is the BEST THING EVER."

And "Borowitz Report" honcho Andy Borowitz was inspired to wisecrack, "BREAKING: Obama Invites Wendi Murdoch to Help Him Meet With Republicans."

Even Tom Watson, chairman of Parliament's Culture Media and Sports Select Committee chimed in, telling the troubled media tycoon at the end of the two-hour grilling session, "Mr. Murdoch, your wife has a very good left hook."

But while Deng's star rises on the heels of her quick reaction, her husband's fate remains very much in the balance. 

The News Corp. CEO ended the hearing by saying he has no intention of resigning, noting, "I'm the best man to clear this up." But reports spread on Monday that the company's board of directors is considering replacing him with Chase Carey, currently the company's chief operating officer.

Deng, 42, married Murdoch in 1999.