Russell Simmons on CNN: ‘It is Like Lightning Striking the Black Community Over and Over’ (Video)

Hip hop legend tells CNN African American leaders will reveal list of demands Wednesday

Russell Simmons isn’t stopping at creating cool beats–he’s barreling through to create change for the African American community.

“What I see is the beginning of the end of police policing police, Simmons told CNN’s Erin Burnett Monday on “OutFront.”

“On Wednesday, there will be a list of demands, a lot of thoughtful — thought leaders who are activists, who are visible in the streets today, and they are doing an excellent job.  And there are conscious athletes like LeBron who I campaigned with for the president when he was only a junior in college.  So, he has always been aware of the power of his celebrity.”

Simmons equated the lack of indictments against officers in the Michael Brown an Eric Garner cases to superhuman catastrophe hitting African Americans.

“Do you know that over 150,000 cases came before the grand jury and only 11 cases, they didn’t come back with indictments?  That it is like lightning striking the black community over and over and over again.”

There are federal investigations underway into the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson altercation in Ferguson, Missouri and the Eric Garner/Daniel Panteleo in Staten Island.

Watch Russell Simmons above.