‘Rust’ Prosecutors Accuse Alec Baldwin’s Defense Team of Pre-Trial Shenanigans: ‘Countless Lies and Manipulation’

New Mexico special prosecutors say team Baldwin once threatened to call Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as witnesses

Alec Baldwin Rust
Alec Baldwin in "Rust" (Credit: Rust Movie Productions)

New Mexico special prosecutors pursuing manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin have accused the “Rust” producer’s defense team of manipulation and personal attacks over the past several months, including a threat – which never materialized – to call Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as witnesses.

Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis, who recently wrapped the conviction of “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, outlined their accusations in a 316-page filing in Santa Fe district court dated Friday and obtained by TheWrap. The document is a response to Baldwin’s motion to dismiss the manslaughter charges – and packs an unusual amount of detail, including a foretelling of the prosecution’s strategy for the July criminal trial.

The filing also outlines the many times prosecutors say Baldwin changed his story in the weeks that followed the October 21, 2021, incident. They bring receipts, with details constantly evolving about who handed him the gun; who told him to point it and where; how cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was positioned when the gun went off; and whether he had cocked the hammer or pulled the trigger.

“Every time Mr. Baldwin spoke, a different version of events emerged from his mouth,” the prosecutors wrote. “He lied with impunity and blamed the incident on Mrs. Hutchins.”

They also say defense attorney Luke Nikas played the media by acting shocked when charges were re-filed against Baldwin after what had been a handshake hiatus, which allowed the actor to save money on lawyers while more forensic testing was completed. Nikas had no immediate comment Monday.

The prosecutors also say Nikas leaked their confidential plea-bargain negotiations to NBC; that he fed “favorable” set video to the press and at one point, during a four-hour powerpoint presentation before prosecutors in Santa Fe last year, said he would call Ford, Mirren and Baldwin’s “Rust” costar Jensen Ackles as star witnesses.

“The deadline for defendant to list witnesses was March 1, 2024, and not surprisingly he has failed to list Mr. Ford, Ms. Mirren or Mr. Ackles,” the prosecutors noted.

The special prosecutors first tipped their hand against Baldwin during Gutierrez-Reed’s trial, when they showed never-before-seen set footage of the actor/producer rushing his cast and crew, and demanding that the young armorer load his guns faster. The Friday filing brought more of that type of behavior into focus, with prosecutors saying Baldwin immediately began bullying everyone upon his arrival to the set just outside Santa Fe.

“In addition to rushing the cast and crew, Mr. Baldwin was frequently screaming and cursing at himself, crew members or at no one and not for any particular reason,” they wrote, further calling him “a man who has absolutely no control of his emotions and absolutely no concern for how his conduct affects those around him.”


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