Watch Ryan Gosling Imposter Crash German Awards Show, Stun Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell (Video)

Actor won statuette for “La La Land,” but he wasn’t at televised event to accept it

Last Updated: March 8, 2017 @ 10:20 AM

Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda and Colin Farrell were in for a surprise when a faux Ryan Gosling accepted the Goldene Kamera Award for “La La Land” in Germany.

In the clip, announcer Steven Gaetjen welcomed the actor as the “one and only Ryan Gosling.” But instead, an impersonator walks onto the stage and takes the award. In a thick German accent, he says “Good evening” before dedicating the award to “Joko and Klaas,” referring to a German reality series titled “Joko Gegen Klaas — Das Duell um die Welt.”

Fonda, Kidman and Farrell, along with other audience members, were clearly confused and surprised — and didn’t quite know how to react, given that they have presumably been in the presence of the real Gosling many times before.

The announcer tried to clear up confusion by stating that there is also an award for best satirical show on television and a “very interesting thing just happened.” However, Express reported that the show’s organizers were just as shocked as audience members and admitted to being pranked.

The prankster duo, Joachim ‘Joko’ Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, said they would clarify the prank during their upcoming episode of “Circus HalliGalli.”

According to the Daily Mail, the hoaxters set up a fake news agency and promised to deliver Gosling, should he win an award.

Farrell and Kidman took home awards for Best International Actor and Actress, respectively.

Watch the video above.