SAG-AFTRA Executive Director David White Shakes Up Staff

There are new assignments and titles for several executives and two trustees are named to the SAG pension & health plans

Several executives at SAG-AFTRA have new roles and titles, in the wake of a reorganization by national executive director David White.

The changes were announced Sunday, after being disclosed Saturday at a national board meeting held concurrently in New York and Los Angeles via video conference.

The changes:

Chief administrative officer Duncan Crabtree-Ireland becomes chief operating officer & general counsel;

assistant national executive director (ANED), news & broadcast Mary Cavallaro becomes chief broadcast officer;

ANED, communications Pamela Greenwalt becomes chief communications & marketing officer;

ANED, contracts Ray Rodriguez becomes chief contracts officer;

executive director human resources & administration Martha Holdridge becomes chief human resources officer;

and executive director for information technology Daniel Inukai becomes chief information officer.

Associate national executive director Mathis Dunn, chief economist David Viviano, chief financial officer Arianna Ozzanto, executive producer, SAG Awards & national programming Kathy Connell, and senior adviser John McGuire remain in those roles and continue to report to White.

The changes in White’s staff put former SAG employees in the majority of the posts. Only two of the 11 reporting to him are former AFTRA employees.

Separately, board members also voted to fill two trustee vacancies on the SAG-Producers Pension & Health Plans with member Mandy Steckelberg and chief contracts officer Rodriguez.

The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ current contract with the film studios and TV producers expires on June 30. They are expected to open talks on a new deal once the producers’ ongoing negotiations with the Writers Guild are concluded.