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SAG Update: Stalemate, and a Meeting

Update on Saturday: the board adopted a resolution saying that all entertainment work (meaning, including work done on the Internet) should be covered by SAG, and that all work should be fairly compensated when re-used. The producers issued a counterstatement sticking their thumbs in their ears, waggling their fingers and reminding SAG that the union is losing out on that great $250 million offer they made. Bottom line: No progress.

Previously: Representatives from the national board of the Screen Actors Guild will meet on Saturday to discuss - what? Presumably the lack of any apparent strategy to get them closer to a contract. With actors working since July 1 without one, the guild now faces the situation of having rebuffed the last offer by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Televisio Producers. In addition, SAG is being challenged from within by dissatisfied members who want an alternate slate running matters, and they are getting no love from their sister guild, AFTRA, which already ratified its own contract. All that, and a frozen-in-place situation with the producers. Not a great place to be. We'll see if the board comes up with a new plan to kick-start negotiations.