Sarah Hyland’s Sweet Tribute to Departed ‘Modern Family’ Castmate Spoils Death Episode for Some Fans (Photo)

“What. The. F—. Why would you post this today!?!” one fan asks star of ABC sitcom

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SUPER-SERIOUS SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you didn’t watch this week’s episode of “Modern Family.” Seriously, don’t do it — and don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

We get it, Sarah Hyland; sometimes the road to social-media criticism is paved with good intentions.

“Modern Family” star Hyland paid sweet tribute to a castmate whose character was killed off on Wednesday’s episode of the ABC sitcom — and in the process angered some fans who hadn’t yet seen the much-anticipated death episode.

In an Instagram post Thursday, Hyland posted a photo of herself and Ariel Winter, along with (seriously — last warning!) Shelley Long, whose DeDe Pritchett character was sent off into the afterlife on Wednesday’s episode.

“We’ll always love you grandma,” Hyland wrote in the caption for the photo. “So blessed to have worked with such an iconic woman like Shelley Long.”

A beautiful sentiment, too be sure. Unfortunately, in this age of delayed viewing, it was a “too soon” moment for some fans, who made as much known in the comments section.

“Spoiler alert!” one comment read.

“Rrrrrrh @sarahhyland in french [sic] we dont know, we can’t watching [sic] at the same time. You spoil me ! This is not cool!!!” a particularly disappointed response read.

“You should’ve waited a few more days omfg spoiler alert,” another fan advised.

“Damn it Sarah! Haven’t watched already!” another voice in the chorus rang out.

“Thanks for that spoiler…,” came another response.

“Wow couldn’t put a spoiler warning on this post?!? Unbelievable,” read another complaint.

“What. The. F—. Why would you post this today!?! I’ve been dodging any conversation all day so i could watch and find out for myself,” read another response. “No point of watching now.”

To be fair, other responders came to Hyland’s defense.

“Then stay off Modern Family casts’ social media!!!! Pretty simple,” one commenter suggested.

“How is this a spoiler when the episode aired yesterday? If you haven’t watched it yet that’s not Sarah’s fault,” another pro-Hyland commenter weighed in. “Of course it’s going to be in the entertainment news and all over social media so if you happen to see it don’t blame her.”

In Wednesday’s episode “Good Grief,” the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan learned at the top of the Halloween-themed episode that Claire and Mitchell’s mother DeDe (Shelley Long) — Jay’s ex-wife — had passed away.

Clearly, some fans were still learning as much on Thursday.

See Hyland’s spoilery tribute below.


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We’ll always love you grandma❤ So blessed to have worked with such an iconic woman like Shelley Long ???????? #modernfamily

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