Sarah Palin Shocker: She Finds Media ‘Refreshing’ After Martin Bashir Exit (Video)

“Those with that platform … have to have some more responsibility taken,” Palin says

Stop the presses; Sarah Palin actually has something positive to say about the media.

Former vice presidential candidate Palin weighed in on the exit of MSNBC personality Martin Bashir — who parted ways with the network Wednesday after making caustic remarks about Palin — on Thursday, saying that she found the media’s reaction to Bashir’s comments “refreshing.”

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“It was refreshing to see, though, that many in the media did come out and say, ‘Look, our standards have got to be higher than this,’” Palin noted on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” on Thursday. “Those with that platform, with a microphone, a camera in their face, they have to have some more responsibility taken.”

Palin did say that she accepted Bashir’s apology for his comments, noting that she had become accustomed to harsh words being tossed her way.

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“At this point I’m used to it, that’s kind of a sad state of affairs too to have to admit that I am used to it.”

In November, MSNBC host  Bashir issued an apology to Palin, after he suggested that someone should defecate in Palin’s mouth. Bashir was describing a punishment used during the slavery era, in response to Palin’s statement that America’s debt to China would lead to a situation “like slavery.”

Bashir resigned on Wednesday, calling his comments “ill-judged.”

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“It is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues, at [MSNBC], will be allowed to focus on the issues that matter without the distraction of myself or my ill-judged comments,” Bashir wrote in a statement announcing his resignation.

While Bashir drew plenty of detractors for his comments, Alec Baldwin — who parted ways with MSNBC after uttering a homophobic slur during a confrontation with a paparazzo this fall — threw his support behind Bashir following news of his resignation.

“You can disapprove of Bashir’s single remark and still acknowledge his talent,” Baldwin — whose show “Up Late” was canceled last month — wrote.

Watch the video: